Will Corona cause the end of the Top Four in the Dutch hoofdklasse this season?

As you could read here last weekend, two players of L&D Amsterdam Pirates are infected with the coronavirus. For now, it is not clear what will happen next but it may have some serious consequences.

Currently, the Dutch medical services are examining the sources and the contacts of the players that are contaminated. Only if that examination has been finished, necessary steps can be taken. For now, the two players are quarantined and likely the rest of the team is as well, which could mean that the upcoming series against HCAW will be postponed as well as suspects need to stay home for ten days.

But what about the players of Curaçao Neptunus? It is known that several players of Curaçao Neptunus can get along with those of L&D Amsterdam Pirates. Yours truly has seen them play cards together on several occasions in the clubhouses. Did they get together before or after the game on Thursday? If so, were players of Curaçao Neptunus contaminated as well? No one can tell right now but there is a significant risk.

Perhaps it is wise if the players of Neptunus will be tested as well. It is an health issue after all. If they are tested and IF the outcome is positive for some players, this may put the remainder of the Top Four season at risk. Likely the game between HCAW and L&D Amsterdam will be postponed. The same might happen with the games between Curacao Neptunus and Hoofddorp Pioniers and perhaps the games between Neptunus and HCAW in the following weekend as the quarantine period is ten days.

But now we are anticipating business. First let’s wait what the Dutch Healthcare Services will say. Yours truly only wanted to point out with this blog post that there is a real risk that the remainder of the playoffs (Top Four) will be ruined.

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