2021 European Championship Logo unveiled

As you may know by now, the 2021 European Championship of Baseball has been appointed to Italy and especially to the Piemonte region. Yesterday the organizing committee unveiled the logo of the championship.

Logo for 2021 European Baseball Championship unveiled

Turin, Avigliana and Settimo Torinese will be the locations where the championship will be played. As a result, the logo shows some landmarks of the region: The Mole Antonelliana (in red) for example. Of course the inevitable baseball isn’t lacking in this logo. Also playful interwoven are the colors of the Italian flag.

The presentation of the logo took place at the Hall of Transparency of the Piemonte Region, in the beautiful Piazza del Castello in Turin.

The website of the FIBS (Italian Baseball and Softball Federation) headed: “Eurobaseball 2021, the logo celebrates the synergy between institutions.”
The website stated the following:

“The President of the Italian Baseball Softball Federation Andrea Marcon thanked the group of companies who, with the coordination of the Federal Councilor of reference in the area, Marco Mannucci, gave life to a campaign to support the candidacy as sudden and demanding as it was effective, then pointing out as one of the keys to the success of sport is to create a system, also integrating with the tourist opportunities of the territories: “Turin will not only be European baseball in 2021, the year in which the tennis ATP Finals series will kick off that the city will host an event with which we will immediately work to create synergy.

Mannucci , also as a member of the Executive of the Confederation of European Baseball, with the greetings of the CEB President Didier Seminet , spoke of his pride in representing Italy and its land at European level: “I think we have remedied to an anomaly, that one of the most important countries of our sport has not hosted the continental tournament for over twenty years. The choice of Italy is certainly also determined by wanting to be on the safe side on an organizational level, and with the support we have gathered immediately, I am sure that we will make the most of this opportunity.”

In what kind of format the 2021 European Championship will be played remains a question.
There have been talks about expanding the number of teams of the European Championship to sixteen. When that will happen is not clear yet but, 2021 may be the year. The question remains which teams will be added to the lineup. Will the two teams that were demoted after the 2019 championship, Sweden and Croatia, return? Or will the CEB appoint countries. For now everything is up in the sky.

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