Remainder of Series between L&D Amsterdam Pirates and Curaçao Neptunus cancelled.

Yesterday you could read here that three players of L&D Amsterdam Pirates had taken a COVID-19 test. As a result, today’s game vs Curaçao Neptunus was cancelled. Today, more news about those players was published. 

Of the three players that took a test, two have been tested positive. As a result, L&D Amsterdam Pirates is not gathering right now and the Sunday game vs Curaçao Neptunus will be cancelled too.

Right now the health care service of the city of Amsterdam is doing an source and contact investigation. Until the Amsterdam health care service has given their advice, no L&D Amsterdam Pirates games will be played. As a result, also the make up game vs Neptunus which was scheduled for coming Tuesday, will be cancelled again.

If more news will be published by Amsterdam Pirates, you will read it here.


This blog post is brought to you by Score66 Baseball

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