L&D Support extends sponsor deal with Amsterdam Pirates

Amsterdam Pirates has extended the sponsor deal with its main sponsor L&D Support with two more years. The current deal would end after this season.

Samenvattingen Curaçao Neptunus - L&D Amsterdam - EyeconsMany thought the current sponsor would not return after this season but surprisingly it did.

At the end of 2007, Pirates and L&D Support announced their cooperation which would start in 2008. Promptly, L&D Amsterdam Pirates won the Dutch championship in that year. Three years later they would win the championship again. Even though Pirates did not manage to win another championship until last year, L&D Support remained a loyal sponsor. In the years between 2011 and 2019, Neptunus would win six of them and Kinheim one.

The cooperation with L&D Support was one of the longest-serving sponsorship deals in the Dutch hoofdklasse history: thirteen years. With the next two seasons added, that will be fifteen seasons.

To celebrate the continuation of the sponsorship, L&D Support CEO Joost de Jonge threw out the first pitch today.

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