Brisbane Bandits adopt a new look

The Brisbane Bandits, the team that dominated the Australian Baseball League in four of the past five years, has rebranded. It is not a drastic move but they change their colors. Out with the black, in with the blue.

Last Friday, the team presented its new look through various social media accounts and through its website of course. As you can see in the picture above, the script and the B that is sported on their cap, remain the same. Only the colors change. New is the bandit head that is completely different than the one the Bandits used before.

Brisbane Bandits baseball - Brisbane Bandits - Sticker | TeePublic
The old Bandits head

This is a part of the statement, the Bandits published on their website regarding the rebranding:

“The rebrand is designed to take the Bandits into the future celebrating our fans and the city we love.
Brisbane has delivered so much for the Bandits that we believe its time to make this year a permanent recognition of the city’s loyalty to the club.
The new-look colors and logo were unveiled today to honor Brisbane and the Bandits fans. To set the stage for our future and to remember our past and the deep roots here in Brisbane.
It’s unique in the Australian Baseball League to have a Stadium only five kilometers from the city heart and although the Bandits were formed 31 years ago to represent all the great players from across Queensland, Brisbane is our heart.” said Bandits Director of Baseball Operations David Nilsson.”

The club will leave the yellow jersey it sported most of last season behind. Instead, there will be a pinstriped uniform as their home uni, a yellow jersey sporting the new Bandit head and an all royal blue jersey. It is not clear yet whether the yellow jersey is an alternate or their road jersey. The same goes for the royal blue one of course.

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