Minor League Teams come up with wacky promotions due to cancellation of 2020 season

Yesterday, when the news was announced that the 2020 Minor League Season was cancelled, one minor league team reacted in a typical Minor League way. By offering some quirky t-shirt for sale.

The Bowie BaySox, the AA affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, came up with an “undefeated” tour T-shirt. Can it be more minor league than to make the best out of a bad situation? 


The T-shirt shows the Bowie BaySox logo on the front and on the back, it shows all the dates the team would have played vs their opponents.

Also the Salem Red Sox came up with a similar T-shirt. But besides the undefeated T-shirt, the club also came up with a T-shirt that commemorates the longest Spring Training ever.

Likely more teams will have promotions like this. For them, it is one of the few ways to generate some income.

The T-shirts of the Salem Red Sox can be bought here:

Undefeated: bit.ly/SalemUndefeated
Spring Training:
Bundle and SAVE:

The T-Shirt of the Bowie BaySox can be pre-ordered:

Pre-order yours now: bit.ly/2BfW9f3

Only for their sense of humor in hard times like this, these clubs deserve your support by buying these T-shirts.

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