Mexican League calls it a season

After Minor League Baseball announced the cancellation of the 2020 season, the Mexican League, that is also considered an AAA minor league, though not affiliated to any MLB club, also announced the cancellation of the 2020 season today.

Besides the announcement on Twitter, the LMB explained why it cancels the season in a press release. After multiple meetings with the federal health authorities and after arguments made by the State Governments regarding to the health of its inhabitants, the 16 owners of the LMB teams have decided that the 2020 season will be cancelled. Also, talks with MiLB contributed to the decision.

It is clear that the league takes its responsibility for the sake of the health of the fans, the players, and the umpires but also because of the fact that the 16 team owners will provide financial support to the players and the umpire corps, show the league is taking its responsibility.

The 95-year old league will take advantage of the long “offseason.”
The forced break will be used by the league to reengineer the league in order to strengthen and innovate itself. The league will invest in technological and digital transformation and in television and media infrastructure.






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