Start of German Baseball Season pushed back further

Even though leagues in some of the surrounding countries have started or will start soon (the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Belgium), the German Baseball and Softball Federation (DBV) has pushed back the start of the season until the end of June, June 29 to be exact.

According to the website, the DBV has to deal with the rules regarding limited contact, set by the German Federal Government.  In the meantime, training activities are allowed again if the participants follow certain rules. But since the situation is different in every German province, the rules can be different in those provinces.

According to the website, there will be no promotion or relegation in 2020, even if the season still will be played. If the season will be played, this measure will save the clubs a lot of money as they don’t need to spend it on foreigners. Likely some of the regular contenders will still hire some players from abroad to play for the German championship. But for clubs that will likely spend time in the cellar of the standings, it does not make sense to spend on foreign players if they cannot go down.

All teams that were listed for the 2020 1. Baseball-Bundesliga, are allowed to enroll for the 2021 season. Clubs that are enlisted for the 2020 season, will be allowed to withdraw from the league for this year without being penalized. They will not lose their spot for the 2021 season either. Those clubs that will withdraw, have to commit themselves to play without fans in the stands.
If a majority of the clubs will opt for playing games WITH fans in the stands, the season will only take place if the rules, set by the government, allow the 2020 season to be played. If a majority of clubs will choose to play without fans, those clubs that want to play WITH attendance will get another opportunity to withdraw from the 2020 season without being penalized.

In the 1. Baseball-Bundesliga, a majority of the teams in the North and South divisions have to opt for playing without fans. The implementation will be done according to the majority of each group. The same for the six divisions in the 2. Baseball-Bundesliga.

The mode of play will be determined as soon as it is clear how many clubs will participate and when the season can be started according to the rules set by the Federal Government. Taking the weather situation into account, the leagues organized by the DBV have to end on the weekend of October 24/25 at the latest.



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