Baseball Shorts: Human Rain Delay

A real short one this time.
In today’s episode of Baseball Shorts, we pay attention to the term “Human Rain Delay.”

Knowing the movie Bull Durham, the term Human Rain Delay may refer to the fact that the sprinklers are switched on to flood the infield, so the next game cannot be played.

But that is not the case here.

The term Human Rain Delay refers to a player who is very deliberate in his play, such as a pitcher who takes a long time between pitches or a batter who constantly steps out of the batter’s box.

Mike Hargrove went by the nickname “The Human Rain Delay” as he “would take about 15 minutes for every plate appearance. He would step out of the batter’s box, fidget with his gloves, his helmet, his pants. He drove the pitcher nuts, but that was his plan.”

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