Dohren Wild Farmers add new duo to coaching staff

After fan favorite Caleb Cooper Fenimore decided to go back to his home state Indiana to accept a job as assistent coach at Wabash College in Crawfordsville, there was a void at the position of head coach of the Dohren Wild Farmers. Today the club announced it has filled the void with a local. Also the position of assistant coach has been filled with a local who returns home after a long absence.

Schermafbeelding 2021-02-25 om 23.13.31
Jan Hassenpflug (right) and Maik Ehmke, the new coaching duo of the Dohren Wild Farmers

The position of head coach will be filled by shortstop Jan Hassenpflug. Jan has been an active player for the Wild Farmers since 1996. As a youth player Jan was talented. Even this talented that he was part of several German national youth teams and went to Japan as part of the German youth baseball program.
As part of the flagship team of the club, Jan became one of the players that carried the team. He has also been very active with creating the new structure of the club.
To focus on his job as head coach, Jan will end his active career. “I have enjoyed playing for the Wild Farmers in the past decades and I am looking forward to my new function with its new experiences and challenges. The Wild Farmers family means a lot to me and I hope, I can influence and develop our brand of baseball.”

The position of assistant coach will be filled by another local (from neighboring Buchholz), who returns after a ten-year absence: Maik Ehmke. At the age of sixteen, Maik went to Regensburg to join the baseball academy of the local Legionäre baseball club. He passed for his examn over there and spent a year at college in the USA. Maik was also offered a contract by the Arizona Diamondbacks. When he returned to Germany, he joined the Regensburg Legionäre again but after the 2017 season he joined the Untouchables Paderborn (a lot closer to home). Next to his role as assistant coach, Maik will be still an active player.
“I am looking forward to the my new assignment as homecoming player/coach. I am curious what the Wild Farmers, supported by their loyal fans, can achieve.”
Maik can play first base and outfield.

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