MLB doesn’t show itself in its best light…again

In the past months, some things have happened that put MLB in a bad light. The proposed plan to cut 42 teams from Minor League Baseball and the unwillingness to stop the MLB season due to the coronavirus and the way it treated the cheating of the Houston Astros and recently the Boston Red Sox. Now a new scandal rears up its head.

After MLB eventually decided to postpone the 2020 season, fans were facing the fact they paid for games they cannot go to. It doesn’t come as a surprise that fans wanted their money back. But instead of giving in to these wishes, MLB remains incredibly silent.

But also third parties like StubHub and Ticketmaster aren’t eager to pay the fans their money back. As a result, the three are the target of a consumer class-action lawsuit. The consumer class-action lawsuit was filed in California on behalf of all persons and entities who purchased tickets for MLB games directly from teams, and all persons and entities who purchased tickets from ticket merchants that include Ticketmaster and StubHub. The law firm Milberg Phillips Grossman LLP will represent the fans and other entities.

“Fans are justified in crying foul over the league’s ticket refund policy,” said Milberg Partner Marc Grossman. “There would be no Major League Baseball without the fans. This is a time for MLB and other organizations to do right by the people who love the game, and have supported them for years.”

The argument is that MLB teams will not be able to play full 81-game home seasons, so they have a good point on wanting refunds on the purchased tickets.

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