NPB cancels practice games

After three players of the Hanshin Tigers have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, the NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball) has decided to cancel all practice games of the Japanese major league clubs.

At least, according to a Tweet by Dutch pitcher Rick van den Hurk, all practice games are cancelled but the Ni-Gun (minor league) games are still going on.

The decision came after three players of the Hanshin Tigers (Shintaro Fujinami, Kenya Nagasaka, and Junta Ito) were tested positive on the virus. Two of the players did not have regular symptoms like fever and coughing. One, Kenya Nagasaka, already missed training on March 18 due to fever. He was taken to a hospital where he was diagnosed with a cold because he had no signs of pulmonary inflammation.

Currently, the Hanshin Tigers looking into who the three players have come in contact with recently, including family members, and is cooperating with public health officials.
In the meantime, the Tigers have instructed their players and staff members to stay home. According to the Japan Times, the Tigers have cancelled its Ni-Gun game vs the Softbank Hawks. US native Jim Allen, who is residing in Japan stated that the Hanshin Tigers have cancelled all team activities through April 10.

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