Italian Federation wants European Cups to be cancelled

According to Pim van Nes of, the FIBS (Italian Baseball and Softball Federation) wants the scheduled European Cups to be cancelled. The chairman of the federation, Andrea Marcon will ask the CEB and the ESF to cancel all international tournaments in Europe.

The European Champions Cup, the championship for club teams, is scheduled to take place in Ostrava from June 2nd through June 6th. And that is the big problem for the participating Italian clubs Fortitudo Bologna and Nettuno Baseball City. The FIBS decided to postpone the start of the Serie A1 until June 14. So both teams should head to Ostrava without any or almost none preparation.

No photo description available.The Dutch participants Curaçao Neptunus and L&D Amsterdam Pirates are facing the same problem. Due to new regulations imposed by the Dutch government on the coronavirus, all events and gatherings are not allowed to take place before June 1st.

Since Italy will be the host of the U18 European Championship and the European Championship softball, both tournaments will be cancelled as well if the CEB and ESF agree with the request of the FIBS.

Both the FIBS and the KNBSB will have to think about a different kind of competition. The Italian and Dutch competition normally contains two halves but when the seasons will start somewhere around June, it will be impossible to play the complete schedules.

The start of both seasons is totally depending on decisions made by the Italian and Dutch governments.

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