Baseball in the countryside

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On March 28, 2020, the ballpark of the Drachten Diamonds will be home to a game between two Dutch hoofdklasse clubs. HCAW from Bussum will take on Oosterhout Twins.

HCAW reached the playoffs for the third year in a row but was swept in a best-of-five semi-final series against L&D Amsterdam Pirates, the team that moved on to become the Dutch champion.

Oosterhout Twins comes off a bit of a disappointing season as the club did not make the playoffs like they did in 2018. But in the first round of the bottom four teams, the club swept DSS from Haarlem, the team that had to play a promotion/relegation series vs its neighbour Kinheim. Eventually, DSS managed to stay in the hoofdklasse. Shortly after the 2019 season, both clubs announced cooperation in which they would both send players to a team that will participate in the 2020 hoofdklasse season.

It does not happen that often that two hoofdklasse clubs play a game outside the regular cities and towns of the Dutch hoofdklasse (Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Hoofddorp, Bussum, Oosterhout, and The Hague in the upcoming season).

Drachten Diamonds was founded in 1961 as a baseball-only club. It took the club to 1969 before a softball branch was added. In 2011, the club celebrated its 50th anniversary. Through the years the number of members has hovered around 100. Currently, the club has an adult baseball team and teams for the age groups of 16 to 20, 12 to 16, 8 to 12 and children from the age of four. The softball branch has a team in the age category 15 and older and two recreational softball teams.

The reason for this hoofdklasse baseball event is the fact that the municipality Drachten is located in, Smallingerland, has been appointed 2020 European City of Sport. Within the framework of this predicate, this hoofdklasse game is a nice promotion for our beautiful sport.

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