First official Baseball5 World Cups to be played in December

The WBSC (World Baseball and Softball Confederation) announced yesterday that the first official Baseball5 World Cups will be played in Mexico in December of this year.

Both the WBSC Baseball5 World and the WBSC Youth Baseball5 World Cup will be played in teams of eight persons with an even number of males and females. The Youth Baseball5 World Cup will be accessible for players born between January 1st, 2002 and December 31st, 2005.

The field of participating countries will have the following breakdown by continent: Africa: 2 teams, Americas: 3 teams, Asia: 3 teams, Europe: 2 teams, Oceania: 1 team, host nation: 1 team.

By February 15 the WBSC Continental Associations will announce the qualification system. Asia has already announced that the Asian Baseball Cup5 next April will be part of the qualification process.

The WBSC has been working really hard to promote Baseball5 worldwide. The sport will be part of the Youth Olympics in Senegal. A first edition of a European Championship will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania from February 28th, 2020 until March 1st, 2020.

If Baseball5 can really become an Olympic sport, the WBSC can keep its hands of baseball and return to the nine-inning format instead of mutilating it by using a seven-inning format that it turned in an attempt to make baseball an Olympic sport.

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