May 1, 1991: The day two MLB records were broken

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Through almost 200 years of baseball, records have been set and records have been broken. But how many times did it happen that two records were set on the same day by two different players?  It happened on May 1st, 1991.

May 1st, 1991 was a day on which all eyes were focused on Rickey Henderson. The fleet-footed outfielder of the Oakland Athletics was about to break the stolen base record of Lou Brock, who had stolen 938 bases in his illustrious career.

During a home game vs the New York Yankees, Henderson drew a leadoff walk in the first inning. Immediately he tried to go for glory as he attempted to steal second base, but he was thrown out by catcher Matt Nokes. In his second at-bat, in the third inning, Henderson didn’t get on base as he struck out looking.

Batting leadoff in the fourth, Henderson got on…

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