Marlins new AAA team announces name, unveils logos

The AAA affiliate of the Miami Marlins, that played as the New Orleans BabyCakes in the past few years, will move to Wichita, KS next season. As a team needs a name, the “new” club announced its new name yesterday: The Wichita Wind Surge.

The name Wind Surge can be traced back to Wichita calling itself the wind capital of the world… (What’s in a name?) In the past, wind wagons were used to transport goods.

Over the past three months, the team adopted temporary social media identities ranging from River Riders to the 29ers to, inevitably, the Linemen (a nod to Glen Campbell’s iconic “Wichita Lineman”). But these monikers were misleading the fans big time.

The word “surge” refers to the constant growth of the city, which is the biggest in the State of Kansas. The club didn’t want to be named after something typical Wichita: Wild West, Wranglers, etc.

One of the logos of the new club shows a Pegasus, a creature from Greek mythology. GM Bob Moulette said the following about the use of the winged horse: “Our visual identity embraces Pegasus, an eternal symbol of aspiration, free spirit and a daring, determined attitude, harnessing the wind and surging forward.”

For the change, the logos were not designed by Brandiose but by Todd Radom, an independent graphic designer who specializes in sports branding.

The uniforms are classic with no bells and whistles. The only adornment to the jersey is a striping around the neck on both the home and the road jersey. Both jerseys sport the Wichita logo on the left sleeve and the Miami Marlins logo on the right sleeve.

Even though the name is a big improvement over the name BabyCakes, I think the club could have done a lot better regarding the name and the logos. But that will always be a matter of taste. Even though I am not too fond about the W-cap logo, I must admit that it looks pretty well on the cap itself.

The all navy cap is the home cap, the navy cap with red lid is the road cap and the red cap with navy lid is the alternate cap.

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