The WBSC doesn’t act in the interest of baseball


A few weeks ago, you could read a rant about the WBSC cutting the number of innings of baseball games. Instead of nine, the governing body of world baseball has decided to scale the number of innings down to seven. All in the best interest of baseball….

This move can only be explained as the WBSC desperately wants baseball to be an Olympic sport. Nothing wrong with that ambition but as a result, the organization does everything to please the IOC, even mutilating our beautiful sport.

The sad thing is that baseball will be replaced after the 2020 Olympics; replaced by other “sports” like breakdance….  Apparently, the WBSC doesn’t realize that baseball as an Olympic sport is a stillborn entity. Sure the NPB will send its best players to team Samurai Japan to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, but Major League Baseball will never let its best players go. Therefore too much is at stake for the owners. First of all, they don’t want to risk to lose their players due to injuries that can occur when playing at the Olympics, it is also an issue about money. After five consecutive Winter Olympics, the IOC has stopped paying for the travel, insurance, accommodations and other costs of NHL players. As a result, the NHL decided to pull back. As long as the IOC refuses to play for this kind of costs, MLB players at the Olympics will remain a dream. And without MLB players, an Olympic tournament is degraded and not interesting enough. So the mutilation of our sport will be in vain.

Today there was some more proof the WBSC is not acting in the best interest of baseball. Currently, the Olympic Qualifier is taking place in Bologna and Parma, Italy. Tonight the Netherlands played vs Israel. All games are streamed but when I clicked on the link of the game at their Youtube channel, I got the message that the streaming was not available in my country…. The Dutch team could not be watched in the Netherlands…
So can someone explain to me how this is in the interest of baseball?

It is about time Riccardo Fraccari will step down as president of the WBSC. Not only is he ruining our beautiful sport, his way of working smells like corruption as he managed to make a deal with Bologna and Parma to host the Olympic Qualifier behind everyone’s back, even though Spain was the main candidate to host the qualifier. Only to make sure that the chances of Italy making the Olympics will be bigger. I could be wrong, but as a president of a governing body, one should stand above all parties and one should not be partial.

Perhaps when Fraccari will not be the president of the WBSC anymore, the organization may start to think about what is good for baseball. But as long as he is around, our sport will be in a downward spiral.

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