Rangers Redipuglia come with statement for not playing in 2020

As you could read earlier today, Rangers Redipuglia has decided to step back from playing the 2020 season. In a statement by the club, there is an explanation of why the club came to that decision.

No photo description available.Rangers disregard from Serie A1

📰 The news has arrived

Rangers have chosen to officially inform FIBS tonight that they won’t participate in the Serie A1 Championship 2020.

A difficult choice and at the same time brave.

Reasons are dictated by circumstances given the moment of uncertainty we are experiencing.

As a result, President Sechi and the whole board preferred to take a step back in the name of common sense and continuity, considering that participating in the summit championship would have meant an extremely complicated financial exposure to be handled at the moment.

The decision has been ratified to the Municipality, Federation, technical staff, and athletes.

Here we go again from the technical staff that sees in Manager Pantoja, infield coach Andrea Bazzarini, pitching coach Ivan Mederos and sports director Roberto Agelli the starting points from which to start again.

The other fundamental pillar is the guys who decided to support our society in this difficult time, to which the Board says “Thank you.”

Paradoxically, despite the moment of crisis (a term that in Japanese also brings the meaning of rebirth), the boys were happy to get out of the limbo of uncertainty: we will play.

Rangers continue their senior’s activity pending federal provisions to define the area where we can play, limited to our Region (Northeastern part of Italy, near the Slovenian border).

We will, therefore, have the pleasure of seeing our Rangers play again on our (and not only) Redipuglia field and we will keep you updated in real-time on the situation, the panorama is very dynamic and we may have news already in the near future!

Go Rangers

So finances are the main reason for the club to withdraw from the 2020 season. Like it was written in the earlier blog post today, the club plays in a community with less than 3,000 inhabitants. How can they support a (semi-)pro league?

This will not mean that Rangers Redipuglia will lose its spot in the 2021 Serie A1. As written before, the clubs that withdraw, will not be punished by being sent down to the Serie C. Rangers Redipuglia will be back in 2021 if everything goes well.

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