Five years Dutch Baseball Hangout

This month, the Dutch Baseball Hangout celebrates its fifth anniversary. Five years ago, shortly before I went on vacation, I was “struck by lightning” and got the idea of starting my own blog next to writing for several magazines and websites.

After I blew out my arm in 2007 during a warmup, I fell into a big hole. No baseball for me anymore. So I looked for other ways to stay related to the game. I was posting on baseball forums at the time but that wasn’t enough for me. Several of the posts I wrote on those forums, I posted on the Facebook page of the Dutch Baseball Federation. At one point, I was approached to write for their website. At one point, I was also approached by the sole baseball magazine in the Netherlands to write for them.

After a while, I felt the urge to do more. And at that point, I decided to start my own baseball blog. At the start, I wrote at the about section that I aimed for one blog post per week. It got a bit out of hand though as I post on an average of two posts per day.

My intention was to write about Dutch baseball and players from the Netherlands, Curaçao, and Aruba who play in the USA. But since there is so much to write about baseball in general, I also picked up stories about MLB teams, Minor League teams and ancillary matters.

The reason why I started to write in English instead of Dutch is simple. I wanted to show the world that baseball is played in the Netherlands at a decent level as well. Perhaps it is arrogant, but I dare to say that my English has improved over the years, thanks to writing in that language.

You may wonder what I think is the best blog post I have ever written. I cannot tell. I have written over 2,500 blog posts and I know one is better than the other but it is hard to tell which one is best. What I can tell is the most satisfying blog post I have written so far. It is a blog about the Copper County Soo League in Minor League History. While searching the world wide web I found information about two leagues with a similar name. The Copper County Soo League and the Copper County League. Both played in the same area and it wasn’t clear to me if they were different leagues. I even contacted the Baseball Hall of Fame for information, but they could not tell. Eventually, I bumped into an old newspaper clipping that made me realize that both names were used for the same league. To discover this was very satisfying.

To me, the most important thing is that I like writing. To me, writing this blog is a great outlet. A good way to escape from daily life. But of course, it is also nice to see that people like to read the articles I write. Recently I got some thank yous for writing about the Dutch hoofdklasse and to be honest that is feeding my ego a bit. It is always nice to get some recognition. A major example of me liking to write are those articles about Minor League History. They are not read much, but I like to do research and writing. For me, that is the driving force to keep writing about it.

I hope to continue with this blog for years to come and I also hope that I can keep the articles interesting enough for you to read them.

To conclude, I would like to thank all of the followers and readers of this blog for visiting. It is really appreciated. 🙂

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