Haarlem Baseball Week 2018: Easy win for Dutch vs Italy

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Honkbalweek Haarlem
In the second game for both teams, Italy was no match for Kingdom of the Netherlands. Especially Rob Cordemans kept the Italians limited to two base hits. The Dutch beat their arch rival 7-0.

It was a great day for Dutch baseball today. Next, to the win of the U-18 team vs and in Italy, the Dutch team beat Italy in Haarlem.

Rob Codemans ruled for six shutout innings before he was replaced by Lars Huijer, who pitched two frames and struck out two and walked one. Loek van Mil pitched the final inning and fanned two.

Offensively, the Dutch were vastly superior as well. In the second inning, the Dutch opened the score when Gilmer Lampe tripled and was driven in on Nick Urbanus’ double. Next to Rob Cordemans, Gilmer Lampe was very important for the Dutch as he drove in two runs.

In the final inning, the Dutch stepped on it once more and scored three runs on hits by Dwayne Kemp, Shurendell de Caster, and Nick Urbanus.

Nick Urbanus was the best hitter as he went 3 for 5 with two doubles and two RBI.

Other hitting results:

Stijn van der Meer: 1 for 4
Dwayne Kemp: 2 for 5
Yurendell de Caster: 1 for 3
Gianison Boekhoudt: 1 for 4
Gilmer Lampe: 2 for 4
Denzel Richardson: 1 for 5

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