Orix Buffaloes acquire contract of Pablo Sandoval

After yesterday’s news that Pablo Sandoval will be a bench jockey with the Red Sox, despite his big contract with the club, the Orix Buffaloes acted quick. The team from the Japanese professional baseball league NPB, has spent the last few seasons in the cellar of the Pacific League. The Osaka based team has been looking to reinforce their lineup because at bat the team is falling short (not only at bat btw).

Pablo Sandoval is headed to the bench in Boston. (AP Photo)With Sandoval available for the Buffaloes, the expectations are higher that they were before the start of the season.

GM of the Buffaloes contacted Mike Hazen, GM of the Red Sox to inform what would be possible. Eventually in a swift move, both agreed that the Buffaloes will pick up the contract and pay about 60% of the remaining salary. Apparently the Red Sox wanted to get rid of the hefty contract of their former star third baseman.

Sandoval struggled mightily during Spring Training as he only hit .233. The last two seasons he has been struggling with his weight which limited him in his reach at the hot corner. Because of this, the Red Sox prefer Travis Shaw to play third base. The former Red Sox farm hand comes off a splendid Spring Training in which he proved to be more athletic than Sandoval and to handle the bat better too (.339).

The intention is that Sandoval will report in Osaka coming Wednesday as the team takes on the Rakuten Golden Eagles.

Part of the deal is that Sandoval will get free meals in the best sushi restaurant in Osaka, Kaiseki Tama.

Oh… and don’t believe everything you hear, see or read. Especially on days like today. 😉




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