Amarillo makes extra pitch to land AA team

A while a go you could read an article about the city of Amarillo making a pitch to land an AA team. This would be the Texas League San Antonio  Missions. There was a big if. It all depends on another team coming to San Antonio to take the place of the Missions.

In an attempt to lure a team, the city of Amarillo organized a (non binding) poll to see if the citizens of Amarillo would approve a $32million MPEV (Multi Purpose Event Venue), which would include a hotel and a baseball stadium.

Now the city has thrown in another $18 million to lure an AA team and to adapt the stadium to today’s MiLB standards.

But it all depends on San Antonio getting another team. An AAA team that is. For a long time the city of San Antonio is trying to become a AAA city. The most likely candidate was the New Orleans Zephyrs, but that club has a new (partial) owner in Lou Schwechheimer   and has signed a new stadium lease until 2020. The latter will not be a problem because the plans to land a AAA team in San Antonio are still premature. First of all the city council needs to approve a ballpark plan before a team can even come to the city.

So it may take at least two years before both San Antonio and Amarillo have their wish granted.

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