Ballparks Around the World: Las Vegas Ballpark, Summerlin NV

In this episode of "Ballparks Around the World" we pay attention to one of the newest ballparks in AAA: Las Vegas Ballpark in Summerlin, Nevada, home of the Las Vegas Aviators. A view from the right field bleachers This episode comes rather quick after the previous one about Blacktown Baseball Stadium in Sydney, but yours …

Origin of Minor League Team Names, a Reprise: L

Back in 2014, I wrote a series of blog posts about the origin of minor league team names. Since then, the minor league landscape has changed a lot. Clubs moved, adopted new names. All reasons to have a new series in which the new names are added and explained. We continue with the letter L: …

Nashville makes pitch for MLB team

With MLB commissioner Rob Manfred being positive about an eventual expansion of the number of MLB clubs from 30 to 32, businessman John Loar is leading an attempt to bring MLB to the country and western capital. To explore the possibility of an MLB team in Nashville, Loar has formed Music City Equity Group to …

51s adopt new name: Las Vegas Aviators

Since 2.00 PM (Pacific Time), the Las Vegas 51s are no more. The team will move into a new stadium in Summerlin in 2019 and as a result, the team has rebranded. The team has adopted the name Aviators. Of five names the name Aviators was chosen because of the history of the company …

More minor league name/logo changes to come

With the presentation of Amarillo's team name, the Sod Poodles, the tsunami of new team names/logos for the 2019 season is far from over yet. At least three are about to come. Two teams are about to change their name and one is about to change its logos. The two teams that will change their names …

Athletics sign two year PDC with Las Vegas

With a new ballpark for the upcoming season, Las Vegas (Summerlin to be exact) became a very attractive location for the Oakland A's to locate their AAA team. Las Vegas is much closer to home than Nashville. Last year it was announced that the New York Mets would leave Las Vegas as they had bought the …

Upcoming changes in Minor League Baseball

With the MiLB season nearing its end, there will be several changes for the 2019 season. Of course, there will be some affiliation changes as many PDCs expire after the 2018 season but there will several moves of teams due to the big overhaul by the Elmore Sports Group. And another team will move into …

Las Vegas 51s to rebrand in 2019

If everything goes according to plan, 2018 will be the final season for the Las Vegas 51s. Next year the club will move into a new ballpark in Summerlin and according to the club, this will be a perfect occasion to rebrand. According to their website and their Instagram account, the name 51s will be …

Final Big League Weekend at Cashman Field

Last weekend, the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians took on each other in the annual Las Vegas Big League Weekend. This event is organized every year and hosts two MLB clubs to play a set of spring training games in Sin City. This year's edition was the very last held at Cashman Field as …

Future 51s ballpark approved by county

The plans for the future Las Vegas 51s ballpark have been approved by the Clark County commissioners. This approval opens the road to Summerlin, where the Howard Hughes Corporation wants to build a 10,000 seat ballpark. “This is a big green light in the project,” company spokesman and vice president Tom Warden said after the …

Will realignment save baseball?

The other day, I read an interesting article on Baseball America. It was a proposal for a realignment of Major League Baseball, possibly caused by the expansion with two teams. The article opted a realignment by geographical divisions. This may be a shocker for the baseball purists among us. The proposed realignment would dissolve the …

51s will move into new ballpark in 2019

Last night, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Board of Directors approving a marketing partnership that gives LVCVA naming rights and thus opens the way for a new downtown ballpark in Summerlin as a new home for the Las Vegas 51s. The stadium will have a capacity of 10,000 (minimum standard of AAA baseball) and …

Mets leave Las Vegas, buy Syracuse Chiefs

Despite the big chance, the Las Vegas 51s will get a new ballpark in the imminent future, the New York Mets have decided to turn their back on the team and buy the Syracuse Chiefs. This leaves the Washington Nationals without an AAA team after the 2018 season. It was a public secret the Mets were …

New 51s ballpark seems to be close

A sign that a new ballpark for the Las Vegas 51s is at hand is a naming rights deal that is about to be signed. A $80 million 20-year deal could be approved by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority this week. The naming-rights deal with Clark County Las Vegas Stadium LLC, the 51s owner, …

Wichita an affiliated city again?

The other week, Mayor Jeff Longwell of Wichita, KS, stated the city will announce a minor league affiliation by the end of the year. A bold statement. Is Wichita playing bluff poker or does the city have a trick on its sleeve? After I read the announcement, I have been thinking: "Which team of which …

Cashman Field will host Mexican Pacific League baseball

Cashman Field in Las Vegas will host the first-ever Mexican Baseball Fiesta. Earlier this month, the Las Vegas 51s featured MiLB's "It's fun to be a fan campaign" in which the AAA teams sported Spanish names on their jerseys. In Las Vegas' case, the 51s were named Reyes de la Plata for one day. Now …

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