2021 Holland Series: Neptunus Ties Series at Two

After two losses, Curaçao Neptunus seems to have been woken up. Yesterday’s win was still a close one, just like the previous two wins of L&D Amsterdam Pirates, but today, the team from Rotterdam needed one monster inning to clinch the win.

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Gio de Graauw, who kept the Neptunus lineup in check in the make up games during the regular season, wasn’t able to repeat that trick.
NEP flag
An RBI single by Sharlon Schoop and a sac fly drove in two runs for L&D Amsterdam Pirates in the first inning. In the first three innings, Gio de Graauw seems to continue with his domination of the Neptunus lineup but in the fourth inning, the Neptunus lineup jumped on him without mercy. After two walks, a double and a single, Neptunus had tied the game. But their offense was only heating up. After Neptunus had taken the lead on a single by Christian Diaz, De Graauw was pulled and replaced by Kevin Geestman. Nothing much changed as the team from Rotterdam continued to score four more runs before Geestman could make the final out. In the fifth inning, Neptunus would score one more time on a single by Stijn van der Meer.

After scoring the two runs in the first inning, Pirates was kept in check by Kaj Timmermans and Kevin Bakker. Timmermans allowed five hits and three walk in 6.1 innings, Bakker pitched 0.2 perfect innings.

After Neptunus had scored seven runs in the top of the fourth inning, Pirates had a major opportunity to get back in the game as it loaded the bases with only one out. But Kaj Timmermans retired the final two batters to get out of the jam.

Kaj Timmermans earned the win after the aforementioned 6.1 innings in which he struck out three. Gio de Graauw took the loss after 3.1 innings in which he was tabbed for fourAMS flag runs on five hits and five walks.

Gianison Boekhoudt was the best hitter for Curaçao Neptunus as he went 3 for 4 with a double, an RBI and two runs scored.

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