2021 U15 European Championship: Dutch Also Shove Aside Slovakia

After yesterday’s four inning victory over Austria, the Netherlands also made quick work of the game vs Slovakia. In five innings, the Dutch bested the Slovakians 15-1.

In the five-inning game, the Dutch scored at least one run per inning. It all started with a five-run first. Singles by Reyes Mercado, Mauricio Espinoza Montenegro, D’mani Boedhoe, and Jorrit Pattist, and a bases loaded walk and HBP led to the aforementioned five runs.

NED flag

A sac fly by Mauricio Espinoza Montenegro led to the only Dutch run in the second inning. In the third, a sac fly and a single drove in two more runs before the Dutch had another big inning in the fourth.

In that fourth, a fielding error, a 4-3 groundout, a stolen home plate, a triple to center field and a single through the right side drove in five more runs.

Two additional runs were scored in the fifth, but the game would have ended prematurely without them anyway.

What did Slovenia do against this Dutch display of strength. Well, in the third inning, Slovakia managed to score one run. With the bases loaded after a single and two walks, Matej Uhnavy hit a 4-3 groundout on which Samuel Chrvala could score the sole run for Slovakia. In the other four innings, Slovakia never got more than one runner on base.

SVK flag

Winning pitcher for the Dutch was Thijs Helms, who pitched 2.2 perfect innings in relief and struck out five. Damon Atkinson took the loss. In two innings, he gave up six runs on five hits and a walk.

The best hitter for the Netherlands was Mauricio Espinoza Montenegro as he went 2 for 2 with two RBI and run scored.

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