2021 European Champions Cup: Rouen Huskies @ L&D Amsterdam Pirates

On the fourth day of the 2021 ECC, L&D Amsterdam had to play a game to prevent demotion. They faced the team that had not won a game so far: Rouen Huskies.

Rouen Huskies    –    L&D Amsterdam Pirates
HUS flagIn this very lopsided game, in which L&D Amsterdam Pirates relied on the long ball very much, Rouen Huskies was no match. L&D Amsterdam Pirates struck first and hard. In the bottom of the first inning, a walk by Roelie Henrique, a single by Gilmer Lampe, a double by Denzel Richardson, and a home run by Sicnarf Loopstok, drove in four runs.

In the second inning, Kalian Sams did what he does best: hitting home runs. With his solo shot, he extended Pirates lead to five runs. Also in the third ining, a home run brought in the runs. With Raidley Legito at first base, Emilson Haswell homered to right center field to extend the lead to seven runs. 

In the bottom of the fourth, solo shots by Kalian Sams, Gilmer Lampe, and Denzel Richardson gave Pirates a 10-0 lead. In the fifth inning, the eleventh run was scored on a double by Gilmer Lampe as he drove in Shairon Martis from first base. 

Naut Kragt was pitching a solid game, but still manager Duursma decided to replace him with Nick Veltkamp after five innings. After two quick outs, Veltkamp gave up the first run to the Huskies as he served up the pitch that was hit away for a home run by Jacob Biller. But Sicnarf Loopstok countered in the bottom of the sixth as he hit another home run to center field. A double by Mick Vos drove in Raidley Legito and moved Emilson Haswell to third. Another double by Roelie Henrique drove in Haswell and Vos. 

Nickveltkamp retired the side in the top of the seventh, to end the game due to the mercy rule. 

Naut Kragt earned the win after five innings of work. He allowed two hits and a walk and struck out four. Jeremy Dubois took the loss. In four innings, he gave up ten hits on ten walks, walked four, and struck out one. AMS flag

Emilson Haswell was the best hitter for L&D Amsterdam Pirates as he went 2 for 2 with a home run, two RBI, and two runs scored. 

Thanks to this win, L&D Amsterdam Pirates secured a spot in the 2022 European Champions Cup for the Netherlands. 

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