Another MLB/MiLB travesty, part 2

Claims about MiLB players being abandoned in their search for housing keep coming in.
This time the Chicago Cubs are in the center of the attention, and not in a positive way.

Recently, you could read here about an MLB club charging its AA minor leaguers for a stay in a local hotel. Today, the Advocates for Minor Leaguers came with another case that will raise your eyebrows.

According to a Tweet of the organization that fights for the rights of MiLB players, the players of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, the low-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs, were left alone as the hotel where they were supposed to stay at, was fully booked. As a result about a dozen of the players were forced to sleep in the club’s clubhouse…

Of course, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred (or Manfraud if you want to) and the Chicago Cubs didn’t waste any time to explain that these rumors were not true at all. Who do you believe? A vile organization that is vastly underpaying its employees at lower levels and that has left them alone in their search for affordable housing after forbidding the use of host families, or an organization that is fighting for the rights of these lower MLB employees? 

Luckily, the Advocates for Minor Leaguers, later came with a tweet that said the Myrtle Beach Pelicans were providing housing to solve the problem. Great that this minor league affiliate is willing to help the players, but it is not up to them to do this. The Chicago Cubs and its owners, the Ricketts family, have failed to help their employees, big time. 

Apparently, they have to save some money for being able to pay the big MLB contracts…

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