Belgian Baseball to return on August 28, adopts nine innings again.

After the Flemish government shut down all sporting competitions for the month of August, the Belgian government allowed sports games again about a week ago. But it was not quite clear when baseball would start again. Today, the KBBSF came with a press release.

KBBSF-FRBBS Sportreglement 2017 NL – KBBSF – FRBBSIn the press release, Base- and Softball Federation announced the following:

”In view of the recent positive developments regarding Covid 19, KBBSF-FRBBS has decided to resume all senior Baseball and Softball competitions on August 28.

The national Baseball and Softball competitions started in 2020 on July 3. This was two and a half months later than normal. On July 29, the competition was unfortunately stopped for a minimum period of 4 weeks. In recent weeks, the leagues, clubs and officials have worked hard on the fields and behind the scenes. The youth activities have largely continued and – given the current developments – there is fortunately again the possibility to resume the Belgian senior Baseball and Softball competitions in the last weekend of August. There is a competition schedule until mid-October.

“In any case, the intention is to create as much play opportunity as possible for our members, within the applicable health and safety rules. The leagues have drawn up the Safe@Bat & Go regulations and protocols for this purpose, supplemented with guidelines by CUS officials. We demand strict compliance with this. ” Except for the Corona regulations, competitions will resume according to standard rules; e.g. in Baseball Gold ballgames of 9 innings are played again.

Although we hope that the season can continue flawlessly, the health of our members will of course remain our number one priority. Therefore, the situation is regularly assessed and a new temporary stop or cancellation at local level cannot be ruled out.

We are confident and hope for a positive end to the 2020 season.”



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