St. Lucie and The Palm Beaches To Host Americas Olympic Qualifier

Today the WBSC announced the two cities that will host the Olympic Qualifier tournament of the Americas: St. Lucie and The Palm Beaches.

Tokyo 2020 – Olympic Baseball Qualifier

A four team field will battle for a spot in the Olympic Baseball Tournament, later this year in Japan. The winner will earn a ticket automatcally. The nr. 2 and 3 finishers will have a final shot at the Qualifier in Taiwan of which the participants likely will need to go in a 7-day quarantine.

The two groups of the American Qualifier will contain the following countries:

Group A: No. 2 USA, No. 10 Dominican Republic, No. 11 Puerto Rico and No. 15 Nicaragua.
Group B: No. 8 Cuba, No. 9 Venezuela, No. 13 Canada and No. 14 Colombia.

The other participants in the Taiwan Qualifier are: host Taiwan, China, Australia, Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The Americas Qualifier will be played from May 31st until June 5th. The tournament is hosted by Baseball America.

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