2021 European Championship Groups drawn

In a delayed event that was streamed live, the organizing committee of the 2021 European Championship drew the groups of the upcoming championship in the Piemonte region.

Each of the four groups contain four countries of which one has to come from one of the four Qualifiers.

The four groups look as follows:

Group A
winner Qualifier in Utena (Lithuenia)

Group B
winner Qualifier in Belgrade (Serbia)

Group C
Great Britain
winner Qualifier in Moscow

Group D
Kingdom of the Netherlands
Czech Republic
winner Qualifier Bratislava (Slovakia)

Of all opponents besides the group leaders, the Czech Republic is likely the toughest opponent of them all. The Dutch have been beaten by the Czechs before. The other opponents should not be a huge problem. Sweden actually relegated from the A group after the 2019 European Championship.

When it comes to Belgium, the country knew it would be added to one of the four strong group leaders but with Austria as third country in that group A, Belgium may be very well capable to qualify for the second round, even though the Austrians should not be ruled out as a tricky opponent. The country managed to stay in the A group during the 2019 European Championship.

For the countries that will participate in the Qualifiers, click on this link.

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