Baseball Culture Summer Classic to replace BATC

A few weeks ago, you could read here about the Battle At The Castle youth tournament to call it quits. You could also read about a similar tournament in the Czech Republic but since not everyone is capable of getting to the Czech Republic, Baseball Culture has decided to fill the void the BATC has left behind in the Netherlands.

In a press release, the organization of the Baseball Culture Summer Classic explained several things about itself, about the creation of the youth tournament and about subscribing.

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-atribuut; de bestandsnaam is image-1.png

According to the press release, Baseball Culture was created out of the love of baseball and softball. Since there was not much quality content to be found online, Baseball Culture jumped in and started to create some very nice baseball videos about (youth) baseball and clubs. This footage now can be found on the world wide web.

The positive reactions on this footage lead to a cooperation between several people who eventually jumped into the void that the BATC left behind.

According to the press release, the organizers of the BCSC were all taken by surprise when the ‘Battle at the Castle’ organization announced that they were going to call it quits. During its seven year tenure this successful and well organized event paved the way for a new kind of travel ball tournament, which gave so many kids, volunteers and supporters something to look forward to during the summer break. We have to applaud Paul Bun (Baseball) and Jeroen den Duijn (Softball) for organizing an event where young athletes could experience high level baseball and softball in a fun and competitive environment. Both Paul and Jeroen have been very supportive towards the BCSC initiative to succeed the BatC and they are extremely helpful by sharing their experiences and insights in regard to organizing an event like this. No doubt the BCSC will keep on picking their brains for advice. It felt only right to invite both gentleman to throw the first ceremonial pitch.

But since Mike Spijkerman, baseball club Neptunus from Rotterdam and the organizers of the BCSC were already discussing a similar one-day event, it was just a small step to organize a multi-day event. They teamed up with several other persons of Neptunus and the result is a youth baseball (and softball) tournament with age categories for baseball in U13, U16 and U21.

All games will be hosted at the Neptunus baseball and softball park. The U16 and U21 baseball finals will be played at the Neptunus Family stadium and all the softball and U13 baseball final(s) at the brand new turf pro field. Many games will also be streamed live, including the finals.

According to the press release, the goal is to bring you a next level summer tournament dedicated to creating a competitive but fun atmosphere where young players can excel at the highest level possible. This aluminum bat (U13 and Softball) and wood bat (U16 and U21) tournament showcases some of Europe’s biggest talents. There is also room for fun, side events and entertainment. We are going to create a nice “festival vibe” with different food- and shop stands at the ball park. Players who register will be drafted into custom teams to make sure we have evenly balanced teams and more importantly to mingle people and form new friendships. All teams will be coached by experienced coaches/players. And we will strive to get everybody an even amount of playing time.

Right now around 250 players have subscribed already, leading to players attending from Sweden, France, the USA, Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium, the UK and
Hungary besides all the players coming from Dutch clubs and academies.

If you are still interested in participating, you can go to the social media channels for more information:

Instagram : Baseballculturenl
Instagram : Softballculturenl
Website :
Mail :
Facebook :

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