2021 Serie A1 will contain 32 teams!!!

FIBS (@FIBSpress) | Twitter

Tonight the federal council of the FIBS (Italian Baseball and Softball Federation) made a lot of decisions regarding baseball and softball. But the most eye catching decision had to do with the 2021 Serie A1.

One of the decisions had to do with the Serie A1, Italy’s highest baseball level. As reported earlier, the Serie A1 and A2 will be merged into one league. With the six teams that played in the league last season, plus the two that withdrew and nineteen teams that played in the four divisions of the Serie A2, that would make 21 teams. But according to the website of the FIBS, the new league will contain 32 (!) teams.

How? Good question, for now yours truly cannot tell where the additional 11 teams are coming from. But tomorrow, the FIBS will come with additional information on its website that will explain the situation.

But knowing Italian baseball a bit, it will be likely that a couple of teams will opt out like it happens almost every year. But on the positive note, with 32 teams, the FIBS can create divisions that have a better fit to regions. In this case it will reduce travel costs.

More about this, tomorrow.

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