Salem-Keizer Volcanoes to Start Independent League

The Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, one of the MiLB teams that were kicked out of minor league baseball by MLB and former member of the Northwest League, announced today it will start an new independent baseball league.

Salem-Keizer Volcanoes Top MLB Prospects, Rankings

According to the team, The Mavericks Independent Baseball League as the new league will be called, will feature top level non-drafted and released players who hope to someday reach the Major Leagues.

The league will contain four teams and one of them will be the rebirth of the legendary Portland Mavericks, know from the Netflix documentary “Battered Bastards of Baseball.”
The format of the league will be similar to that of the United Shore Professional Baseball League. All games of that league are played in one ballpark. The ballpark of the Volcanoes will serve as the location where the Mavericks Independent Baseball League will play its games.

The goal is that the League will begin to play on Thursday, May 13th when the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes will face the Portland Mavericks. Games will be played every Thursday (6:35pm), Friday (6:35pm), Saturday (1:05pm and 6:35pm) and Sunday (1:05pm and 6:35pm) for 16 consecutive weeks concluding Sunday, August 29th, with playoffs to follow.

Salem-Keizer Volcanoes launch four-team indy league | Ballpark Digest

“Businesses will have the opportunity to sponsor a team and/or sponsor an individual player(s). Fans will have the real chance to get to know the players as they will be very accessible, sign autographs and will become a part of the community,” noted Volcanoes CEO Mickey Walker.

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