Blue Sox to play first game in weeks

In a press release on their website, the Sydney Blue Sox announced they will be able to play a four-game series against the Canberra Cavalry. It will be the Blue Sox’ first game since the opening weekend series that was cancelled after two games due to COVID-19.

But due to strict border restrictions that require travellers from COVID affected areas to quarantine for 14 days, it was not possible for Canberra to play at Blacktown International Sportspark, the Blue Sox’ home field, this weekend.

But to make the four-game series possible, both teams will play somewhere outside Sydney. Where? That will be announced by the government of New South Wales tomorrow.
According to the Blue Sox’ website, the government of New South Wales and Baseball Australia put in a lot of effort to make this series possible.

Due to COVID-19, the opening weekend series vs the Melbourne Aces was cancelled due to a new outbreak in the North of Sydney. As a result, the Aces needed to go home because the borders between New South Wales and Victoria were about to close. If they had played on, the team had to spent 14 days in quarantine.

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