Auckland Tuatara signs Bas Nooij

Dutchie baseball news from the ABL. The Auckland Tuatara has signed catcher Bas Nooij to replace an injured player. The Dutch-born catcher spent the last few years with the Adelaide Bite but hardly got playing time.

In 2016, Bas played a total of thirteen games with the Adelaide Bite, currently playing as the Adelaide Giants, in which he batted .281 with one RBI. In the next year, he played twenty-seven games but his batting average stayed behind as he batted .244. After 2017, Bas hardly got playing time.

With Beau Te Wara Bishop injured, the Tuatara has signed Nooij to fill that void. Nooij is eligible to play the coming weekend vs the Brisbane Bandits. According to their website, the Tuatara have picked up Nooij for this week’s series vs the Bandits. With this knowledge, it looks like Nooij’s stay with Auckland will be short-lived. Besides that, Te Wara Bishop was on the reserve list and played mainly for the Tuatara minor league team, so it remains to be seen if Bas will get any playing time. Bas still has to deal with to other catchers on the Tuatara roster.

In ten years with L&D Amsterdam Pirates, Nooij was a solid catcher, who even made the roster of the Dutch team with the 2013 World Baseball Classic. Nooij was also a member of the Dutch team that won the 2011 World Championship. In his final season, before he emigrated to Australia, Bas batted a respectable .310.

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