Ottawa’s new Indy Team named Titans

Today, the Frontier League’s Ottawa franchise presented its name. After a name the team contest in which about 1,200 names were entered, the club opted for the name Titans.

After the Ottawa Champions of the CanAm League were not invited to join the merger between the Frontier League and the CanAm League, the club ceased operations. But with a former AAA ballpark (of the former Ottawa Lynx) still located in the Canadian capital, there was still a wish for a spot in the Frontier League. Eventually, a spot was appointed.

Ottawa Titans Baseball Club logo - primary logo

Today, the club presented its name and logos. The main logo shows a red slugger towering over the parliament buildings of Ottawa. On its bicep, a maple leaf is tattooed.

According to the owner of the club, Sam Katz, “one of the key things for us was the word would be the same in English and French, that was important to us. When you look at the definition of Titans, there’s (Greek) mythology (a race of gods). There’s strength and wisdom in Titans. Plus, we had people working on the logos and when they showed us this one, it stood out. The feedback we’ve gotten is very positive, people are saying they love it.”

The team will have a traditional look of Red, Black and White, similar to those of the CFL’s Redblacks, OHL’s 67’s, and NHL’s Senators. “It was important (to keep the colours),” said Katz. “It seems to be the tradition there and why would you (go away from) tradition?” If it is a matter of tradition remains the question. Two of the aforementioned teams are all owned by Katz’ Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group.

Ottawa Titans Baseball Club logo - Secondary logo

A secondary logo will see the initials O and T used on both the teams’ uniforms and caps.

For those fans who are curious how the team will look like, merchandise will be available early in 2021.

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