Fresno Grizzlies gets Grace Period

According to local newspaper the Fresno Bee, MLB has given the Fresno Grizzlies more time to find a solution for the stalemate the club is in right now. How much time the club will get is not clear.

Fresno Grizzlies |

Major League Baseball has given the Fresno Grizzlies more time to work out the fate of the franchise, according to City Attorney Doug Sloan. The Fresno City Council met Monday in a closed session meeting but took no actions to report publicly. Sloan issued a statement on Monday after the meeting.

In the statement, Sloan said: “The city of Fresno is in communications with Major League Baseball and the owners of the Fresno Grizzlies, and we now have additional time to explore keeping professional baseball in Fresno,” he said. “We are optimistic we will reach an agreement that keeps baseball in Fresno for our residents to enjoy.”

Besides the statement, Sloan did not comment on questions about how long the grace period would last and what additional options the city may have. Neither did Fresno Sports and Events LLC, which owns the team, and MLB, when being asked for a comment.

From the moment MLB is working on the restructuring of Minor League Baseball, the Fresno Grizzlies have been linked to a demotion from the AAA Pacific Coast League to the California League. With the league being demoted from A-Advanced to low A, the demotion for the Grizzlies is not three steps but even four. From the beginning, the Grizzlies have fought against this demotion.

So far only one club has expressed interest in adding the Grizzlies to their farm system. The Colorado Rockies would like to add them but only as low A team.

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