2021 World Port Tournament cancelled

A few days ago you could read a blog post about the doubts of the World Port Tournament being played in 2021 because of the very busy baseball calendar in the Netherlands. Today the organization of the tournament announced the cancellation.

But the reason is different than yours truly thought. According to the organizing committee, the current corona crisis is the reason why. With the pandemic still raging, it is hard to make appointments as we don’t know what the future will bring.

Normally the teams are signed around this time of the year. But with an uncertain future, no one can make a commitment.

Another reason is a financial one. Since may sponsors have cut down their budgets, also sponsor budgets. So with less financial input, it is not responsible to continue with the tournament.

A third reason is the uncertainty about the corona rules. If a vaccine is implemented, what will the rules be. Do we still need to keep distance. If so, this will have an impact on the seating capacity and thus on the income of ticket sales.

If all goes well, the next edition of the WPT will be in 2023.

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