Coronavirus @ Hoofddorp Pioniers limited to one case

Hoofddorp Pioniers

According to the Facebook page of the club, the case of COVID-19 at Hoofddorp Pioniers is limited to only one. 

All players that were tested had a negative result. This means that Pioniers can focus on playing baseball again, both with the flagship team and with the farm team.

The flagship team will face L&D Amsterdam Pirates. Pioniers will have two home games but the (home) game of Thursday will be played in Amsterdam. On Sunday, the team will host L&D Amsterdam Pirates on its second field.

You may wonder why one home game will be played in Amsterdam and one game will be played on the second field. Well, a few months ago, you could read here that the turf of the main baseball field was damaged due to some kind of mosquito larvae. Apparently, the problem is not solved yet.

The farm team, the team where the coronavirus case reared its head, can play games again since no other cases or symptoms showed up. So coming weekend, the team will face HCAW, on Friday night in Amsterdam at the ballpark of L&D Amsterdam Pirates and on Sunday in Bussum.
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