Official Statement regarding Belgian Baseball

As you could read about the likeliness of the postponement of the Baseball Gold League in Belgium, earlier this week, the KBBSF (Royal Belgian Baseball and Softball Federation) has released an official statement.

Full competition stop for all Belgian Baseball and Softball competitions for at least 4 weeks!

Instructions Umpire Report Form – FR – KBBSF – FRBBSThe KBBSF has decided, in accordance with the decisions of the Belgian Security Council to combat the Covid-19 virus, to cancel ALL senior competition games for a period of four weeks with immediate effect.

Our clubs have shown great adaptability and resilience in recent months. Many will now be disappointed, but given the current resurgence of the virus, stricter local and provincial measures, our only option is to temporarily stop the competition. For us, the health of all our players, coaches, umpires, scorers, volunteers and supporters is paramount. We also want to provide clear communication for everyone equally.

Our Flemish League (VBSL) will, in consultation with the Walloon League (LFBBS), provide further information about training and measures within the Clubs. The VBSL will make a decision on the youth competitions at the earliest this Thursday. If the advice regarding team sport needs to be adjusted, the KBBSF will also adjust this decision.

The full senior competition stop applies to all KBBSF baseball and softball leagues for at least 4 weeks, so if all goes well we can start again at the end of August 2020. The games for the next 4 weeks will be set to NP (not played) and we will resume the scheduled games when we can play again. The current calendar is therefore still applicable and will continue until mid-October. Hopefully, everyone stays healthy and fit and there will still be enough games to play this year!

We wish everyone the best during these difficult times.

René Laforce

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