New attempt to start a European Professional Baseball League

Out of the blue, some Tweets about a newly formed European Professional Baseball League reared up. The new league, named European Super League of Professional Baseball (ESLB for short), is in its early stages. Not much information is available yet.

According to its website, there will be six teams, most not in areas where baseball is very popular. The teams will be located in England (Bath), France (Paris), Italy, Portugal and Spain. Of course Italy is still a baseball hotspot in Europe and the French team will be located in the Paris area, where baseball is played as well. But in general, the league is taking a risk with locating teams in areas where baseball isn’t that popular.

On December 15, the league tweeted about tryouts you can subscribe to.

Below you see the logos of the six teams that are supposed to start playing in the ESLB. 

Schermafbeelding 2020-12-24 om 11.44.50

Fact is that the websites of these clubs are not working yet. According to the website, there would be cooperations with the Atlantic League, the Baseball Federation of Andalusia, the Indian Baseball Federation and with the Venezuelan Umpire Camp.

It remains to be seen how the CEB (European Baseball Confederation) will act. In the recent past, that governing body of European baseball, did everything to keep the Euro League of Baseball from succeeding.

For now, most of the announcements about the new league on Twitter, raise more questions than answers. The league is scheduled to start at March 11, 2021.

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