Nettuno BC 1945 presents new road jersey

Today, Italy’s oldest baseball club, Nettuno BC 1945 (BC stands for Baseball Club) presented its new road jersey through Facebook. A true thing of beauty. 

Normally I do not pay attention to second-tier league teams (Nettuno BC 1945 is playing in the Italian Serie A2). If I have to do that, I won’t have time to do something else than blogging. But in this case, I gladly make an exception since I am a sucker for baseball jerseys.

On its Facebook page, Nettuno BC 1945 shows its 2020 road jersey.

The jersey is navy and has red/white piping along the buttonholes that runs up to the neck and down along the buttonholes again. A red piping runs around the bottom of the sleeves. On the left sleeve, the club logo is worn. Not too long ago, the club adopted this logo to make a fresh start. For years, Nettuno Baseball City is using the original Nettuno Baseball (of which BC 1945 is a continuation) logo and claimed the titles that were won by Nettuno BC 1945.

No photo description available.

A blue/red uniform number adorns the jersey on the right front. Also on the right front is a badge with the name Safeway, which is the main sponsor of the club. Compared to many Serie A1 clubs, the advertising space is rather limited. Quite some Italian baseball jerseys look like advertising pillars because of the many ads on the jerseys.

The N club logo adorns the jersey on the left front. Also on the left front is the scudetto, the golden star that represents ten championships. In the case of Nettuno BC 1945, fifteen championships were celebrated.
Schermafbeelding 2020-06-30 om 20.07.37
The only minus point is that the classic N logo on the jersey does not match with the modern logo on the cap of the club. But for the rest, this jersey is a beauty.

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