The Rebirth of Rimini Pirates

In 2019, A.S.D. Rimini Pirates ceased to exist as a Serie A1 club. After club owner and sponsor, Simone Pillisio left the club, it did not have the financial resources to create a team that was Serie A1 worthy. As a result, the club was sent down to the Serie B (third-tier league). But now several clubs from Rimini have joined forces to recreate the Rimini Pirates.


A.S.D. Rimini Pirates continued as Junior Rimini and played in the Serie B for two seasons.
But now local ball clubs have joined forces in an attempt to return to the old glory days of Rimini baseball.

Falcons Torre Pedrera, Junior Rimini, Nuova Delfini Riccione, Piranhas Valmarecchia, and Rimini 86 have merged into a new Rimini Pirates. First a sixth club, Titano Bears, was involved but at a later stage, that club pulled back.

The aforementioned clubs have found a form of collaboration to achieve two objectives: The increase in the number of young people who approach the sport and the collaboration to make the technical organization more qualified; the belief that the presence of a team capable of expressing themselves at the highest levels.

The new club has applied for a spot at the Serie A2 and that request has been granted by the FIBS. All games will be played at the former home of A.S.D. Rimini Pirates, Pirates Stadium.

File:Stadio dei Pirati, Rimini Baseball (2013).jpg
Pirates Stadium in Rimini

Let’s hope the new Rimini ball club will be able to relive its former glory days in which it won thirteen Italian titles.

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