Baseball Gold Season in Belgium may start on July 4

In a letter to all clubs in Belgium the KBBSF (Royal Belgium Baseball and Softball Federation) has asked their members (clubs) to deliver the number of teams with which they (the clubs) want to participate in the upcoming season. 

KBBSF – FRBBS – Official Site of Belgium Baseball and Softball
The reason for this letter is the loosening of the corona rules by the Belgian government. On June 3rd, that government has stated that contact sports (which baseball isn’t really) will be allowed again from July 1.  

In the letter, the KBBSF announced that it wants to offer the possibilities to start playing games from July 3 on. So that could mean that the BBG (Baseball Gold competition, which is the highest league in Belgium) will start on Saturday July 4. 

The Belgian Federation has asked its members to send back the number of teams before June 15. The letter that was sent is ment for all levels of play (youth and adults) of baseball and softball. 

Right now the competition manager is figuring out the details. In the course of next week, the KBBSF will come with further details. 

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