Dutch Professor: “Playing baseball should be possible again”

In the past few weeks, you could read plenty of articles about baseball and the coronavirus, especially about the virus and not being able to play baseball. For now, it looks like the Dutch can only start their “season” after September 1st. But a comment by a medical professor sheds new light on the situation that surrounds baseball.

The KNBSB (Royal Dutch Baseball Federation) is lobbying with all its might to make it possible to start the season sooner than September 1st. In the past weeks, gyms, saunas, and casinos have been nagging about a possible reopening and with success as the Dutch Prime Minister announced that these institutions are allowed to open on July 1st pending on the situation.

Today, the WBSC, presented a manifest about safe methods of training and playing baseball.
WBSC issues guidelines for a safe return of baseball/softball activity in new COVID-19 world

If the KNBSB is smart, the federation will use this manifest and starts to lobby even harder. If they do they can use a statement by a medical professor of the UMC (Utrecht Academical Hospital). This professor claims that playing baseball should be possible again. Besides that, several experts have stated that the chance of being contaminated in the open air is close to none. The real danger lies in being inside with several persons.

Since baseball has started in the Czech Republic, with a limit of 50 fans in the stands per game, the Dutch government should monitor the situation over there. If the number of contaminations will rise again, they should think it over but for now, everything points into the direction that baseball can be started much sooner than September 1st.

So with this knowledge, the KNBSB should follow the steps of gyms, saunas, and casinos score66and start to nag about an early upstart of the 2020 season. Apparently, those who shout the loudest are the ones that will be heard the first.

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