Baseball Shorts: “On the Interstate”

A real short one today. In today’s episode of Baseball Shorts, we pay attention to the term “On the Interstate.”

Interstate 10 - WikipediaWhen a player is hitting between .100 and .199 it is said that he is on the Interstate.
The 1 can be seen as the I of Interstate and the remaining numbers serve as the figures of the highway numbers. For example, when someone is hitting .110, he is on the I-10, the highway that runs from Santa Monica in California all the way to Jacksonville in Florida.

As soon as a player bats above .199 he will be “off the Interstate.” A player that hits below .100 is not off the Interstate, just like a .200+ hitter. Someone who hits below .100 is “off the map” or is hitting below the Mendoza line.

If a player spends too much time on the Interstate, he will likely be demoted to a lower level.

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