Very Positive News from Taiwan

As the number of new COVID-19 cases stays at zero, the CPBL (Chinese Professional Baseball League) has allowed Taiwanese professional clubs to have 250 fans per game in their ballparks.

Schermafbeelding 2020-04-26 om 11.17.57

The rule got into effect today. The league will monitor this closely and will allow the four CPBL clubs to host 1,000 fans starting Friday, May 8.

As the first professional league in the world, the CPBL started to play baseball two weeks ago, after the COVID-19 contaminations were kept in check tremendously. Even though the ballparks looked empty, 150 fans per game were allowed to attend, all season ticket holders. The raise with a hundred extra fans is a positive development, let alone the jump to a 1,000 fans coming Friday.

Perhaps competitions in other countries can learn something from this. It would not hurt to ask the CPBL for advice.  

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