German baseball season pushed back even further

The German Baseball Federation (DBV) has announced a further postponement of the 2020 baseball season.


The Bad Homburg Hornets tweeted the message about the postponement with a link to their website.

Where the DBV pinned a date for the start of the season during the previous press release (May 2020), the governing body of German baseball does not mention a date this time. It all depends on the decisions of the German federal government and the German States (Bundesländer) to a lesser extend.

Here is the statement of the DBV in English:

The DBV Presidium and the Committee for Competitive Sports (AfW) discussed the further procedure regarding baseball and softball game operations in Germany in telephone conferences this week and made the following decisions in view of the contact restrictions extended by the authorities up to and including 3 May 2020:

– It is recommended that the regional associations and clubs do not conduct any training operations up to and including 03.05.2020. During this period, the DBV will also not conduct any cadre measures.

– The decision of the AfW and the Presiding Committee to start playing in the DBV leagues on the weekend of 09-10 May 2020 will be revoked due to the above-mentioned official extension of the contact restrictions.

– The start of the season in the DBV leagues will be suspended until further notice. The aim is to continue to allow games to be played this year – of course in compliance with the official regulations. As already announced, various scenarios have been worked out for this case, which take into account the various possible starting dates. As soon as it is foreseeable when a match can start in the DBV leagues, we will communicate this in good time and with sufficient lead time for the clubs.

– The national cups U12, U18 and U19 will not take place at Whitsun. The DBV reserves the right to make up for these tournaments at a later date of the year if necessary. Possible catch-up dates depend on the course of the game and the further overall development.

– A decision on the staging of the U15 National Cup (planned for 20/21.06.2020 in Bad Homburg) will be made at a later date.

In view of the characteristics of baseball and softball in match operations, where contact between persons is unavoidable, we as a sport are dependent on when the currently valid contact restrictions will be relaxed. Under certain circumstances, however, it may be possible to resume training in baseball and softball in the medium term, subject to strict rules on keeping distance.

However, we would like to emphasize that the health of all participants is our top priority in our considerations. Instructions and specifications of the authorities are fully supported and implemented.

The Federal Government and the Federal States have agreed to discuss and decide on April 30, 2020 on the further procedure after May 3, 2020. The AfW and the presidium of the DBV will then evaluate the resolutions in telephone conferences and decide on the further course of action in match operations.


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