Japanese player discharged from hospital

Recently you could read here about three players of the Hanshin Tigers that were contaminated with the coronavirus, which caused the cancellation of all practice games. There is some good news to tell as one of those players was released from the hospital.

Kenya Nagasaka

Today, the Hanshin Tigers announced that their 25-year old catcher Kenya Nagasaka has been discharged from the hospital. On March 18, Nagasaka missed a training session due to fever. He was taken to the hospital where he tested positive on the coronavirus.

In a statement, Nagasaka said: “I’m sorry for causing trouble and concerns to fans, people involved in the ball world, and many people. I’m really sorry. I will live with awareness and work hard on baseball.”

The other two players, Shintaro Fujinami and Hataya Itoh were also hospitalized but were released on April 7 and April 5 respectively.

It is good to read that these players have recovered. But once again it shows that playing games, even without fans in the stands, is a bad idea as players can still get contaminated.

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